Virtual NabrHood Party & Food Trucks

The Food Truck Industry is one of those small business communities that has been hit hard by the recent situations with the Covid-19 virus.  HelloNabr is working with the Food Truck community to bring the residents of Circle C a safe and convenient Drive-Thru Service to not only bring a variety of delicious food to Circle C residents but to also help those small businesses during these times

Food Trailer Schedule and how to order, click here

Circle C Café is open and offering curb side pick-up.  For instructions for ordering click here, for nightly specials, click here.  To view the full menu, click here.

Feel free to review the Health Standards HelloNabr has initiated along with the structure of contactless online ordering and pick up.  You can find the weekly schedule and updates at the link

To join the Virtual Party, go to Facebook and request to join Circle C’s Virtual NabrHood on Facebook.

To learn more about the virtual party, click here

Drive-Thru Party Parades

Have a birthday or a special occasion to celebrate or just want to bring some fun to your area of the NabrHood?  We have just the thing for you – a Drive-thru Party Parade.  Both Wildflower Park and greyRock Ridge have joined in on the fun, have your section of the NabrHood be next?