Family Swim Lane Reservations

Family Swim Lane Reservations

Family Swim Lane Reservations – Starting Saturday, April 17, 2021

Family Swim Lane Reservations are coming to the Swim Center!

What are Family Swim Lanes? – Family Swim Lanes are pool areas that may be reserved by two or more individuals from the same household for recreational swim/play use. The areas will be two lanes wide, and half the length of the pool. Please review the following two documents for more details.

Family Lane Reservations – Policies & Procedures

Family Lane Reservations – Booking Guide

How long are the reservations? – Family Swim Lane reservations will be for a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes (depending on time slot).

Do we have to swim laps during a Family Swim Lane reservation? – No. Lap swimming is not required during Family Swim Lane reservations as it is with Lap Lane Reservations. Recreational swimming will be allowed during Family Swim Lane reservations.

How do I reserve a Family Swim Lane? – Please review the Family Lane Reservations – Booking Guide for details on how to book a Family Swim Lane Reservation. Registration for Family Swim Lane reservations opens up at 10AM on Thursdays for Saturday reservations, and 10AM on Fridays for Sunday reservations. Space will be limited, and in high demand, so please plan accordingly.

Do I have to book a Family Swim Lane reservation for each member of our household? – No, you only need to register one adult from your household to book your Family Swim Lane reservation. Only individuals listed as household members in our membership system will be permitted to enter the facility during your reservation. It is important that you verify all household members are listed in your account. To do this, please refer to the Family Lane Reservations – Booking Guide.

Do we have to make a Family Swim Lane reservation, or can we just show up? – Only those with a fully booked reservation will be allowed entry. Walk-ins, or those without a reservation, will not be allowed inside the facility.

I have family visiting, can they attend a Family Swim Lane reservation with us? – Unfortunately, for now, non-resident guests are not permitted inside the facility. Family Swim Lane reservations are restricted to only Circle C residents that are listed in our membership system as part of the household that booked the reservation.

Will there be furniture available for use? – No, there will not be pool furniture available for use. Each Family Swim Lane reservation will have allocated and marked deck space area for the duration of the reservation. Residents are encouraged to bring their own pool/lounge furniture if desired.

Are floatation devices allowed? – Yes, residents may bring floatation devices to their Family Swim Lane reservation. There will not be lifejackets available to borrow from the facility. There will be no “lost and found” system in place, so please remember to take all of your belongings with you at the end of your reservation. Any items left behind will be immediately discarded.

Is it safe? – Great question! Our team strives to provide the safest aquatics environment possible. While the CDC is not aware of any scientific reports of the virus that causes COVID-19 spreading to people through the water in pools or other treated aquatic venues, there is no guarantee that you will not be exposed to COVID-19 while visiting our facility. However, we have modified our operations and facilities to reduce the risk of disease transmission as much as possible. Face coverings are required when not in the water. Social distancing markings and signs are on display to help residents keep at least six feet of distance between themselves and members of other households. All participants must answer COVID-19 screening questions and sign a COVID-19 waiver prior to entering the facility. Our team members are screened for symptoms prior to each work shift. The Family Swim Lane areas are closed between each reservation time block to allow for adequate disinfection and sanitization. Restrooms are limited to one household at a time. We hope that these modified operations will not only help to reduce the risk of disease transmission, but also ease the minds of those who are concerned about the risks involved.

What if I need to cancel a Family Swim Lane reservation? – Space is limited, and in high demand, therefore, we have the following cancellation policy in place:  In order to cancel a booked Family Swim Lane reservation, you must email at least four (4) hours prior to the start time of your reservation. Any cancellations received less than four (4) hours prior to the start time of the reservation will be a violation of the cancellation policy. Two (2) violations of this cancellation policy within a sixty (60) day period of time will result in a thirty (30) suspension of all household members from booking any reservation at any of our facilities.