Aquatics FAQ

  1.  CCHOA adopted emergency policies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 following all government recommendations and executive orders.  Our policies are designed to protect the health and safety of our staff and pool patrons, particularly children who are not able to get a vaccination.
  2. CCHOA has posted and will continue to post regular emails and notices on our website to explain the precautions we have implemented and the sources for those recommendations.
  3. A daily COVID-19 Liability Waiver must be submitted online prior to each visit to one of our facilities, and on the day of the visit.  All members of the household can be added to the same waiver.  The online waiver is available here.
  4. Our pools are opening as staffing permits.  The current lifeguard shortage is a critical factor in limiting pool hours.  We are actively working to hire more lifeguards throughout the summer season, but we can’t give any timeline on when.  However, it is unlikely we will be able to hire all the lifeguards we need this year.
  5. Updated Texas State rules require additional staffing resources for the slide at the wade pool.  Because of the lifeguard shortage, we cannot give an estimated opening date for the wade pool.  In the May board meeting, the President asked our staff to report on how difficult it would be to remove the wade pool slide and thus free up staffing resources.  No further discussion or decisions will be made without understanding all of the options.
  6. Relatives that do not reside in your home are considered guests and they are currently not allowed.
  7. CCHOA requires 145-150 lifeguards to be fully operational.  We are training additional lifeguards as fast as we can recruit them.