Austin Strategic Mobility Plan

After listening to Circle C residents, and studying the implications of the proposed Austin Strategic Mobility Plan on Circle C, the CCHOA Board of Directors decided to aggressively address segments of the plan that negatively affect the overall quality of life and value of our already master planned community.  Here are the results of our effort so far:

  1. The proposed South Bay and Dahlgreen road extensions have been removed from the current plan.
  2. 2.If traffic increases to the point that Escarpment Blvd needs more traffic lanes over the next 20 years, those new lanes would be located on the existing pavement, through elimination of the bike lane and re-striping.  The bicycle path or multi use path would be located behind the curbs on the sides.  Existing trees and landscaping will be taken into consideration and a robust stakeholder engagement process is required.

The CCHOA Board is very pleased with our ability to work through our issues with the ASMP team.  We would like to give a shout out to team members Annick Beaudet, Warren Cook, Cole Kitten, and Daniel Brooks for their excellent listening and response!

And another shout out to all of the Circle C residents who filled out surveys and contacted the City.  It was a great help in the negotiations.   Good work and thanks for the help!!