Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) Amendment Vote

Your ballot for the CC&R Amendment Vote is included in your 2nd semi-annual billing statement which includes two options to cast your vote, by paper ballot or electronically.  You are able to cast your vote electronically through the website at or at  You will need your “Unique Code” which can be found on your assessment statement or by calling the financial office at 512-451-9901.  You can still return the CC&R Amendment Vote ballot by mail with your payment.  To view the original CC&R language and the proposed CC&R changes, please visit the website at and click on “Download Voting Pamphlet or click here.  This vote requires 66 2/3’s   of all owners to vote in the affirmative in order for it to pass.  The vote will be open for 6 months starting July 1st.  If you don’t receive an email invite to vote, please email to have your email address added to the list.

There has been a lot of speculation  concerning the proposed amendments and how this will affect the community.  In the June newsletter was a great article breaking down the proposed amendments.  To read the article with the explanations of each proposed change, click here.

The first group of changes are directly related and must be approved as a group or they are unworkable.  The other groups are logically related.

Vote – Item #1

Article 1, Section 1 – Definition of a Development Lot – Defines a lot that is owned by a developer or builder but does not have a completed residence.

Article 1, Section 3 – Additions of property to Circle C HOA – Gives the board the authority to add no more than 200 lots to CCHOA within a 12-month period.

Article II, Section 2 – Voting – Class A members will have 1 vote per lot.  Development Lots will have .25 vote (1/4 vote) per lot.

Article III, Section 3 – Annual Assessment – One assessment rate.  Assessments will no longer be based on tax appraisal values of a house.  Development Lots will pay 25% of the assessment rate for lots with a residence.  Current assessment rate is $706.00 per year.

Vote – Item #2

Article V, Section 3k – Trash – Changes reflect once a week trash service.

Article V, Section 1 – Single Family Construction – clarifies meaning of Single Family residential Construction.

Article V, Section 3 b – Use Limitations – Allows an owner or resident to conduct business activities with restrictions in place to protect continued residential character of the neighborhood.

Article V, Section 3 m – Recreational Equipment – Allows permanent basketball goals to be installed with Architectural Control Committee approval.

Vote – Item #3

Article VIII, Section 2 – Amendments and Effective Date

  1.  By Members. This Declaration may be amended or terminated by a majority (fifty percent plus 1) of total eligible votes of the membership.
  2. By Directors. This Declaration my be amended by the Board of Directors, without consent of the membership, as necessary to conform the Declaration to the requirements or provisions of any United States or Texas statute or regulation, City of Austin, Travis County Ordinance, Hays County Ordinance, or judicial ruling of a Texas Court or Federal Court with jurisdiction over legal actions in Texas.
  3. Effective Date. An amendment of the Declaration becomes effective when the instrument is filed of record in the county official public records