Update from the CTRMA on SH 45.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) has officially opened the new 45SW Toll Road to traffic. The innovative and environmentally sensitive 3.6-mile toll road connects MoPac eastward to FM 1626 in Hays County.

To give drivers an opportunity to try out the road, the Mobility Authority is offering a toll-free period through June 30, where drivers who have an active electronic tag may travel the road for free.

The roadway features a 4.5-mile shared use path that will connect with the future Violet Crown Trail. Construction crews are still working and will be using the trail to provide construction vehicles with access. For safety reasons, the shared use path is not open at this time. We expect to officially open the trail in late June or early July. Once open, the shared use path, which provides a multimodal travel option for the community, will feature trailheads at MoPac and Bliss Spillar Road and an area known as the “Hill Country Classroom,” a shaded section of the trail where cyclists and pedestrians may rest while viewing educational signage.