1. What are the rental rates?

Residential Use
1 Club Room $50/hr
2 Club Rooms $100/hr
3 Club Rooms $150/hr
Conference Room $40/hr

Non-Residential Use
1 Club Room $100/hr
2 Club Rooms $200/hr
3 Club Rooms $300/hr
Conference Room $80/hr

2. How do I make a reservation?
In order to request a reservation the 2023 the Community Center Reservation Packet must be completed and turned in to the Community Center Coordinator by email, fax, or in person. A minimum of at least 10 days notice for reservations is required, provided there is availability. An event is not finalized until the host receives a confirmation from the Coordinator is received and payment is collected successfully on the scheduled due date (10 days prior to the reservation).

3. How many people does each room hold?

Capacity is 46 per room, 150 for all 3 rooms.  It is recommended that you visit the facility prior to reserving to ensure the plans for your event are feasible. You can find a bird’s eye view floor plan of the facility within the reservation packet on page 3.

4. I am not a Circle C resident, but my friend is…
Non-residents must pay the non-resident rate. If a Circle C resident is willing to put the reservation under their name and be responsible for the event, they will be granted the residential rate. The resident will then be responsible for the event, must be present for the entire duration of the reservation and must sign all applicable forms.

5. How much does the kitchen cost?
The kitchen is free of charge and is first come, first serve. Please keep in mind that the kitchen is simply a staging kitchen, it does not have a stove or oven. All food must be prepared off site, food may not be cooked onsite. The kitchen is not available to be rented outside of an addition to a club room reservation.

6. Can we serve alcohol?
Yes, you can serve alcohol at your event at the Community Center. However, it must be monitored and served by a TABC certified bartender. The current and valid TABC certificate must be submitted to the Community Center Coordinator at least 10 days before the event, and the bartender must also present it upon entering the building the day of the event. Otherwise, alcohol may not be served.

7. Can we use the pool during our reservation?
No, the two spaces are completely separate. Under no circumstances can Community Center Reservations access the pool or use any of the pool entrances, gates, equipment, etc. If you would like information about reserving space at one of the Circle C pools please click here or call Circle C Aquatics at 512-363-5578.

8. Can I have a piñata?
Yes, but you will be fully responsible for cleaning it up entirely. All candy and all paper from the piñata must be fully cleaned up or else you will incur charges for additional clean up time. The piñata can be hung from the big tree in front of the building. We recommend bringing a large tarp to put under the piñata during festivities to catch trash and debris.

9. Can I have a bouncy house?
No, bouncy houses are not permitted on any CCHOA property.

10. What else is not allowed?
Face painting or painting of any kind, confetti, rice, glitter, petting zoos, bouncy houses, candles (temporary birthday candles on a cake are allowed), tiki torches, outside bbq grills, open flames of any kind, fog machines, and bubble machines are not allowed. If there is anything that you are unsure of that is not listed, please contact us first or read through the 2023 Community Center Reservation Packet

11. Do you provide furniture?
Yes, the community center does provide furniture for reservations at no extra cost. Furniture cannot be rented individually outside of a club room reservation. Linens are not included but are encouraged for easier cleanup.
Furniture Quantities
128 chairs
18 30” x 72” rectangular tables (seats 4-6 people comfortably)
12 60” round tables (seats 6 people comfortably)

12. Will the room be setup for me when I arrive?
We will place the quantities of furniture requested in the room but in no particular arrangement. You are responsible for arranging the room to your liking and including setup/cleanup time in your reservation request. You will not be allowed to enter/stay in the club rooms before or after your scheduled reservation to avoid overage fees.

13. What am I required to do for clean up?
The building should be returned to the same condition as it was prior to your event. Basic cleaning includes but is not limited to a wipe down of the kitchen counters, floors, tables and chairs; vacuuming of the carpets in the rented rooms, removing all traces of decorations including tape (only blue painters tape is allowed) and taking all trash including bathroom trash to the dumpster.

14. Do I get a refund if we leave the building early?
No, regardless of whether or not you arrived to the building late or left the building early.

15. What is the cancellation policy?
A reservation may be cancelled up until 5:00pm on the last business day prior to the designated due date without penalty. Cancellation notices received after the designated due date will receive a refund less 15% of the original reservation cost; reservations cancelled less than 72 hours prior to the event will not be eligible to receive refunds, no exceptions.

16.  Complimentary Wi-Fi
The facility has complimentary Wi-Fi however the CCHOA cannot guarantee the signal strength of said Wi-Fi.