Board Meeting Updates!

Update from the December 4, 2019 Board Meeting

  • 3 bids have been received on the Escarpment Loop project and 1 alternative proposal.  The board will hold a board workshop to review all bids in detail.
  • The board approved changing the Board meeting date to the last Wednesday of the month.
  • The board approved the 2020 Budget with an assessment increase to $706.00 per year.

2020 Draft Budget Update

Change to the 2020 Draft Budget.  The Capital Expenses have been removed from under the operating budget and are being shown being taken out of reserves.  In the operating budget, a line-item was added showing a transfer to the reserves.

Correction made to HOA Owned Vehicles – Gas.  Budget number should have been $5,000 not $50,000.

Capital Improvements added

  • Avana Beach Entry Repair – $2,500
  • HVAC Coil Replacement – $4,000
  • SC Replacement Benches – $9,000
  • CC Seal Coat/Repair – $14,000

Update from the May 28, 2019 Board Meeting

The board approved changing bank accounts from Comerica to The Bank of Austin

The board approved the AISD Agreements/MOU

The board reviewed the 2019 budget and made two changes.  Increased The Rowell income from $15,000 to $45,000.  Corrected an error on the SC water expense from $3,000 to $30,000.

Accepted two common area lots in the Avana section.

Update from the March 26, 2019 Board Meeting

Board Officer Appointments

President – Kim Ackermann

Vice President – Natalie Placer-McClure

Michael Chu – Treasurer

Russ Hodes – Secretary

Steve Uban – Board Member

Jason Bram – Board Member

Alton (AE) Martin – Board Member

Update from the November 27, 2018 Board Meeting

The Board approved the Monument Design Proposal by Hitchcock Design Group.  To view the approved design, Click Here

Update from the October 30, 2018 Board Meeting

The Board approved the Full Reserve Study that was completed for Circle C HOA.  To view the full report, CLICK HERE.


Update from the September 25, 2018 Board Meeting

The 2019 budget has been approved and it includes significant capital expenditures. Being that our neighborhood is 30+ years old, we must begin upgrading and replacing our aging infrastructure, specifically the monuments and our landscape irrigation systems. Because of this reality, the board made the always difficult decision to raise homeowner’s dues. Beginning in 2019, there will be a $32 ($16 per payment) increase in annual dues. If you would like to view the 2019 adopted budget, you can see it on our web site at under the “Resource” tab.


Update from the August 28, 2018 Board Meeting

The Board approved the proposal from Hitchcock Design Group for the monument project.  The Hitchcock Design Group will have different design options available at the Community Center and also at the September Food Truck night for residents to provide feedback on what they would like to see.

The Board approved the proposal by Hitchcock Design Group for the Escarpment Design proposal

Update on the construction of the apartments located at FM 1826 and Slaughter Lane.  Construction has begun including excavation and installation of utilities.  


Updates from the January 30, 2018 Board Meeting

  • The Aquatics Pool Standards, Policies & Rules have been updated concerning the park located at the Swim Center.  Starting February 17, 2018, the park will NOT become part of the Aquatics Facility when it is lap swimming only.  The park will only become part of the Facility when we are open for recreational swimming.
  • The Board of Directors is looking for homeowners to serve on a Committee for the CC&R proposed Amendments.  For more information on the proposed changes or if you would like to be involved with this committee, email the HOA office at

Update from the November 28, 2017 Board Meeting

  • The 2018 Assessment rate will increase from $612 to $642 per year
  • The 2018 Budget was approved.


Update from the August 29, 2017 Board Meeting

  • The Board approved the increase to the Community Center Rental rate from $30 per hour per room to $40 per hour per room effective January 1, 2018
  • The Board approved increasing the cost of the Resale package from $175 to $225 effective January 1, 2018.

Update from the May 30, 2017 Board Meeting

  • The Board accepted the GreyRock pool and the lot (green space) located behind the pool.  The opening date for the pool is June 10th.
  • The purchase of a 2nd HOA vehicle was approved.  This will be a vehicle that is used by maintenance and staff and will be clearly marked with the HOA logo.


Little Lending Library’s on HOA Common Areas have been approved.

Each Lending Library will require a Licensing Agreement between the CCHOA and the Steward, Click Here for the Steward’s responsibilities.  The ACC guidelines for the Little Lending Library’s can be found Here or under the “ACC” tab on the website.  If you are interested in being a Steward, please contact the CCHOA office at 512-288-8663 for the locations available.


Update on the Veloway Encroachment as of 3/23/17

  1. Gates will not be an issue and are considered to be a resolved issue with the City
  2. No clearing on COA parkland.  This includes mowing and weed eating
  3. No building or extending your backyard into the Veloway property