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The Slaughter Creek Trail is now open, the entrance is located at 9901 FM1826. This area is part of the City’s Water Quality Protection Lands and is a sensitive environmental area that is preserved in order to protect and improve the quality of water entering the aquifer.  As with all public lands there are rules that must be followed.

Please take a few moments to read the Trail Rules

For educational opportunities, volunteer activities or special events, contact: The City of Austin’s Wildland Conservation Division at 972-1660.


The Violet Crown Trail is currently open.  to the public. The 30-mile trail provides a unique recreational experience as it passes through the urban wildlands of the Barton Creek Wilderness Park, the City of Sunset Valley, Circle C Ranch, and eventually into Hays County.

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Circle C Ranch Specific Map

Planning Your Trip – including rules, regulations, and cautions



Circle C Ranch Metropolitan Park on Slaughter Creek is located off of Slaughter Lane and is owned and operated by the City of Austin Parks Department. For more information on amenities and use, please see the City’s website:

The CCHOA owns and operates six separate park areas with playscapes. The locations are:

Swim Center Plaza Park located at the corner of La Crosse Avenue and Escarpment Blvd

Wildflower Park  located off La Crosse, east side of Mopac in the Wildflower Park neighborhood

Vintage Place Park  located off of Carrington Drive, north side of Slaughter Lane in the Vintage Place neighborhood

Park Place Park  located off of York Bridge Circle, west side of Beckett Lane in the Park Place neighborhood

Avana Park located at 6610 Trissino Drive and located in the Avana neighborhoodl.

GreyRock Park is located at 12500 Archeleta Blvd located in the GreyRock neighborhood.

These parks are for the enjoyment of Circle C residents and their guests and are open from sun-up to sun-down. If you have a concern or question about one of the parks, please contact the HOA at 512-288-8663.