About Our Site

Welcome to the Circle C Homeowners Association Website!

Below you will find a brief description of what our website has to offer. If you have any questions regarding this information please call the HOA office at 512-288-8663 or email info@circlecranch.info.

Convenient online accessibility to communicate and send important information to the HOA:

Submit a question to the HOA
Document a complaint or concern
Submit a project for review to the Architectural Committee
Submit a request to reserve the Community Center
Pay your HOA dues online

Access to online documents through the Resources tab:

The Resources tab on our site offers a secure and organized location for important association documents such as covenants and bylaws, architectural guidelines, board and committee meeting minutes, newsletters, and more. This page is only accessible once you have registered and logged in to our website. Click here to register if you have not already.

Important community information updates under the Stay Connected tab:

(Register for our website and receive news and announcements via e-mail as well!)

The association will use the email address you provide through registration to email everything and anything a resident would want to know! Find the latest scoop on community announcements and upcoming events under our Stay Connected tab.  Stay up to date with the most recent news in our community!

Community Calendar:

Find out instantly what’s happening in the community with your online Resident Calendar!  Whether it’s the next board meeting, the community garage sale, or other special events, it will only take a moment to glance online at the calendar and find out what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Resident Directory:

Need to get in touch with a neighbor?  Use the Resident Directory for published contact information such as names, email, phone numbers, etc.   You can also voluntarily share information about yourself and seek other neighbors with common interests such as favorite sports teams, hobbies, clubs, etc.  And since the website is secured and password protected, only association members will have access to the information you want to share.


Visit the Classifieds page to view and post residential “ads” for Lost & Found as well as For Sale items. Residents who wish to post an ad must be logged in to the website to do so.