Lap Lane Reservations

Lap Lane Reservations

Lap Swimming by Reservation Only – Resuming Monday March 15, 2021

In an effort to meet strict social distancing requirements and capacity limits, and to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 throughout our community, the Swim Center Facility will be open for lap swim by reservation only.

Phone use is limited due to the current situation, email is the best way to get a hold of us. Please email if you need assistance.

General Policies

  • Reservation time blocks are for a duration of 40 minutes.
  • Registration for reservations will open online at 6:00 a.m. for the following day.
  • Reservations are open for residents of Circle C HOA only. Non-Resident guests are not permitted at this time.
  • In order to book a reservation, residents must be in good standing with the Circle C HOA, be of age 10 or older, and follow all pool rules, policies, and procedures.
    • Per Pool Rules, residents age 13 and younger must be accompanied by an  adult parent/guardian. The accompanying adult may reserve an additional lane to swim in while their child is swimming, or they may sit at the chair located at the entrance to their child’s reserved lane. All other areas of the facility are closed.
  • All reservations must be made online prior to arrival at the facility. No “walk-ins” will be allowed.
  • Only residents registered for the reservation time will be admitted into the facility. Spectators (i.e. non-swimming children, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Residents are limited to one reservation per day.
  • The facility is open for active lap swim / aquatic exercise only. Recreational swimming, lounging or “tanning” on the pool deck or terrace is not permitted.
  • There is a maximum of one resident per open lane. Lane sharing is not permitted at this time.
  • Residents must swim in the center of their lane. “Circle Swimming” is not permitted at this time.
  • Social distancing will be enforced. All residents must keep at least six (6) feet of distance between themselves and any other person not residing in the same household as the resident.
  • All residents must wear face coverings while inside the facility. Face coverings must remain on at all times except for when the resident is inside the pool water. Face coverings are not permitted in the pool.
  • In addition to a policy agreement during the booking process, all residents must sign a COVID-19 Liability Waiver prior to booking this reservation. Residents ages 17 and younger must have a parent sign this waiver on their behalf.
  • Any residents displaying or confirming symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to enter the facility.

Facility Alterations

  • There will be no showers or changing areas available. Residents must arrive at the facility ready to swim. Residents are not permitted to change in to, or out of, swim attire in the restrooms.
  • There will be no water fountains available.
  • Restrooms will be open, but will be limited to one person at a time.
  • The Swim Center office and main entrance will remain closed at this time. Entry to the facility will be at the Cafe gate, and only at specified times.
  • There will be no lounge furniture available for use.
  • The facility will be closed in between reservation blocks for disinfection/sanitizing.
  • There will be no “Lost & Found” system in place. Residents are responsible for taking their belongings with them. Any items left behind will be discarded after the reservation block.

How to Book a Lap Swim Reservation Time Block

  1. Make sure you have a Resident Information Form on file. – If you have previously submitted a Resident Information Form, and already have your Aquatics ID Card, proceed to Step #2. If you have not previously submitted a Resident Information Form, please click HERE for information on how to do so.
  2. Access your Daxko Account – If you have previously registered for a program with us, you probably have already enabled your Daxko account. You can visit your Daxko account by clicking HERE. If you need to enable your Daxko account, click “Find Account” on your Daxko account page (You will need to enter the last name, birth date, and zip code of the Primary Adult as it is listed on your Resident Information Form. If you have any difficulty accessing your Daxko account, please email our Program Coordinator, Amanda, at
  3. Visit our Lap Swim Reservation page HERE to book your Lap Swim Reservation Time Block

If you need to cancel your reservation, please email

Cancellation Polices

  • In order to cancel a reservation, an email must be sent to
  • All cancellations must be made by 6am the day of the reservation.
  • If two violations of this cancellation policy occur within a 60-day time period, there will be a suspension placed on the resident’s account for a period of thirty (30) days. Reservations will not be permitted during this suspension.

Arrival Procedures (Start of Reservation)

  • Residents will enter the facility through the Cafe Gate.
  • Residents must arrive no sooner than 5 minutes prior to the reservation start time.
  • Residents will observe social distancing and face covering requirements while waiting in line to enter the facility. There will be social distancing markers to aide residents while waiting.
  • Once called by the Aquatics Staff, residents will enter the facility one at a time.
  • Each resident will check-in for their reservation by swiping their Aquatics ID Card. Aquatics Staff will verify the reservation upon check-in.
  • Residents will be verbally screened for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Residents will arrive ready to swim. There will be no changing areas or showers available.
  • Once checked in, residents will be assigned a lane and directed by the Aquatics Staff to the entry point of their lane. Lanes are assigned on a first come first serve basis.
  • Residents must keep their personal belongings at the entry point of their lane.

Departure Procedures (End of Reservation)

  • The Aquatics Staff will close the facility upon the end time of the reservation block.
  • Residents must leave the facility no later than 5 minutes after the reservation end time.
  • Residents will exit the facility through the Parking Lot Gate.