News & Announcements

Parking Reminder at the Swim Center

As we get into the busy time of the year at the Swim Center, please remember to only park in the designated parking areas.  The parking places in front of the main mail center are reserved for residents picking up their mail.  No parking in the CDC parking spaces,...

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Your 1st Assessment payment was due on March 1st

Have you paid your assessment dues yet?  They were due on March 1st.  Remaining current with these dues allows residents access to the neighborhood amenities like the pools and the Community Center. If you did not receive a HOA assessment statement in the mail or...

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April 2023 Newsletter

If you missed the announcement, the newsletter is only available electronically after Peel, Inc. announced they would no longer be publishing the newsletter  To view the current newsletter, CLICK HERE!.

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Expanding the 45-Trail

Our neighbors in Meridian are asking for your help!  They are campaigning for expanding the existing paved path along Hwy 45 from Escarpment (where is now ends) to their entrance.  The City of Austin has already received a pitch from their HOA and have included this...

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Board Meetings

Board Meeting

The Board of Directors meeting date and time is on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm.  The Board of Directors will meet on Wednesday, June 28, 2023 at 6:30pm at the Community Center.  You can also join via video conferencing (Zoom), the Zoom link can be found under the "Resource" tab and meetings are open to the community.  Agenda's will be posted in the "Board Meeting Agenda" folder under the Resource tab on the Wednesday prior to the...

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