Lost two necklaces and a pair of earings on Via Grande near mailboxes in Alta Mira S.

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I lost a two necklaces and a pair of earrings near the mailboxes in on Via Grande in
Alta Mira S on Nov 20th 2023. They were in my pocket and are my girlfriends and she gave them to me to hold while she was having an emergency root canal. They may have gotten caught in my keys when pulling my keys out of my pocket and possible fell to the ground or in the street right near the mail boxes while getting my mail when we were returning home afterwards. She is really bummed and I feel really bad. They aren't super expensive, but they have huge sentimental value as they were a gift from her mom. I can offer a reward to anyone who may found them! If you found them or know who may have let me know describe them and well meet to exchange them for $

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