Want information on your favorite committee?  This folder will show information by each committee of the Association.


Property Crime Prevention Committee

Amenities Committee

The Amenities Committee was formed in late 2008 to address additional amenities to be added to Circle C Ranch. This year (2009) they have been focused on phase II of the playscape projects (in Wildlfower Park and Vintage Place Park) which may include additional shade, lighting, landscaping, etc.  Members of the Amenities Committee include: Tony Gendron (chair), Kristy Estrello, Kathryn Mercer, Tiffany Johnson, Kristin Gossett, Mike Killeen, Cari Sherlock and Lora Estrada. Board liaisons to this committee are Cindy Groves and Jason Bram.

Education Committee

The CCHOA Education Committee serves our community as a working resource for those families with children attending an AISD school in our area. Currently, Circle C students attend one of three elementary schools:  Baranoff, Kiker, and Mills; two middle schools:  Bailey and Small; and one high school:  Bowie.

Bob Skrobarczyk serves as the committee’s chair, and members include: Jim Bailey, Andy Bennett, Delia Bustillo, Leisl Criswell, John Jolet, Elizabeth Leight, Mark Marostica, Carolyn Merritt, Joe Terracina, Jeff Walker and Marian Wallace. Board liasisons are Rob Johnson and Cindy Groves.

Most of our members have children in one or more of these schools, and serve in active roles within those schools.  Because of their participation in our local schools and community, the Education Committee has been able to actively pursue and promote the interests of Circle C residents in AISD. Most recently, they were instrumental in raising public awareness about the overcrowding problems in the elementary and middle schools in the South and Southwest areas of Austin. As a result, AISD trustees included the construction of a middle school, and construction of a new elementary school in Southwest Austin in the bond proposal in the fall of 2004.

Six bond propositions were presented to voters on September 11, 2004. All passed and construction is now set to begin on a new 40-classroom elementary school in Circle C West, to open August, 2006. Purchase of land and construction of a middle school at Slaughter and 1826; a 12-classroom addition to Kiker Elementary; an 8-classroom addition to Baranoff Elementary; and a new playslab cover at Mills Elementary were also included in the bond propositions. Other renovations have been identified for each school, and will be made to achieve functional equity at all AISD schools. In addition, all of these schools will receive safety and security upgrades, as part of a district-wide effort to provide students with a safe learning environment.